RizeUp Against DV Raffle

Drawn: Saturday, 4 December 2021 at 4:00 PM

RizeUp Against DV Raffle

Win a rippa 2016 HSV LSA R8, valued at $150,000! Raising funds to support RizeUp who continue to provide practical support to families fleeing domestic and family violence.

Raising Funds for RizeUp 

In Australia, domestic and family violence is the biggest social injustice that we are confronted with. It affects everyone - all races, religions and social classes. Domestic violence is based on an imbalance of power and control. If one partner feels the need to dominate the other, it is significantly more likely a relationship will turn violent. RizeUp’s programmes promote women’s independence and decision-making in public life and relationships, which is a key outcome to preventing domestic violence. RizeUp works to shift attitudes, perceptions and challenge societal norms in Australia which have as a by-product created a toxic and unhealthy environment.

The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society by generating life-changing, practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free from violence.

To do this, we bring communities together, facilitate volunteers, and make real, far reaching and practical contributions to these families.

A family fleeing from a violent household will often enter a refuge with nothing but the clothes on their backs. We have created various programs to support and empower these courageous families via specialist domestic and family violence organisations. When a family leaves a refuge, we furnish their new accommodation with everything they need to make it a home, so they can make a fresh start. We also help impacted children in their healing process and to settle into a new school.

RizeUp Website

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About the Raffle

The Rize Up Against DV Raffle will be conducted by RizeUp Ltd (ABN 64 607 715 588). The benefitting organisation is RizeUpLtd (ABN 64 607 715 588). The benefitting organisation is a not-for-profit organisation.

The Raffle starts at 9am AEST on 3 July 2021. The Raffle closes at 7pm AEST on 28 November 2021. No entries will be accepted after this time.

Entry is open to residents of Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria, aged 18 years or older at the commencement of the Raffle.

Note: Due to government regulations, South Australian and Western Australian residents are not permitted to purchase tickets in the raffle and are not eligible for any prizes.

33,000 tickets available for purchase at a cost of $25 each.

The Draw will take place at 4.00pm AEST on 4 December 2021 at Gangsta Wraps, 1/30 Spine Street, Sumner QLD, 4074.

Draw Method: Numbered Raffle Ticket stubs will be drawn at random from a barrel. First prize will be drawn first.

Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the winners of prizes. Winners will be contacted by phone and email and listed on the RizeUp website, this RaffleTix website and the RizeUp Facebook page. Please check the website and Facebook page for details.

There is an agreement with RaffleTix (ABN 24 623 531 340) to promote or conduct this raffle for reward.  There is an agreement with Togethr Media & Marketing Pty Ltd (ABN 57 651 130 602) to promote the raffle for reward.


The Draw

The raffle will be drawn at the time and location listed below.

At a Glance

  • Date

    Saturday, 4 December 2021

  • Time

    4:00 PM

  • Location

    1/30 Spine Street, Sumner, QLD, 4074

Raffle is Closed

The raffle is now closed.


The prize winner(s) are listed below.

1st Prize: 2016 HSV LSA R8

Prize Info
(RRP: $150,000)
victor james niven

2nd Prize: $10,000 Gangsta Wraps package

Prize Info
(RRP: $10,000)
Catherine Shannon

3rd Prize: $5,000 Get Lit LED Lighting Pack

Prize Info
(RRP: $5,000)
Jed Kelly


Australian Capital Territory: Permit Number: R 21/00160

New South Wales: Permit Number: GOCAU/2388

Northern Territory: Permit not needed due to valid permit in other state

Queensland: Permit Number: 222444

Tasmania: Permit not needed due to valid permit in other state

Victoria: Permit Number: 10342/21

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