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Easy-to-use digital raffle platform for Australian charities, schools, community groups, sporting clubs, and other non-profit organisations.

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About RaffleTix

Australia's largest and most trusted online raffle platform.

RaffleTix is an Australian-owned and operated online platform used by Australian charities, schools, community groups, sporting clubs, and other non-profit organisations to transform the raffle fundraising process.

Founded in 2017, RaffleTix is Australia's most trusted platform for digital raffles. In addition to powering thousands of direct and supporter-driven raffles each year, RaffleTix powers major, multi-beneficiary raffles, such as the Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle, Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, and the Scouts Victoria Monster Raffle. Each of these multi-beneficiary raffles has over 500 participating organisations that benefit from the raffle.

Over 2,400 Not-for-Profit community and charitable organisations raised funds through RaffleTix in the last 12 months.

At Feb. 2022

Our Australian-based customer success team is focused on enabling our clients to achieve the best possible outcome with their raffle fundraising campaigns. We also provide clients with guidance and assistance to comply with the regulatory requirements in each State and Territory in which they would like to sell tickets.

Note: RaffleTix is a licensed Commercial Raffle Organiser in Victoria (CRO Licence K18000027) and works closely with all the State and Territory regulators to ensure raffles are conducted in accordance with State and Territory regulations.

We make raffle fundraising as effortless as possible
for everyone involved.

- Tim O'Brien, Founder -

Features and Benefits

RaffleTix is a flexible and comprehensive solution for conducting digital raffles, both online and in-person.

RaffleTix. Raffles Made Easy.

Branded Website for Online Sales

Showcase your raffle via a compelling, branded, fully responsive raffle website.

  • Auto-build a responsive raffle website without any programming
  • List an unlimited number of prizes
  • Set your own ticket pricing
  • Nominate the States/Territories in which you can sell tickets
  • Showcase your sponsors (logos and links) via the raffle website and email order confirmation
  • Sell raffle tickets and accept credit and debit card payments via a simple online process
  • Customise the raffle website with your corporate colour and customised CSS (fonts, colours, images)
  • Upload a raffle-specific social media preview image
  • Download a QR Code for use in offline marketing (e.g. poster)
  • Go live in as little as 30 minutes!

In-Person Sales (Cash, Card, QR Code)

Conduct "in-person" transactions (cash or card) that trigger an SMS and email ticket confirmation.

  • Do away with paper raffle tickets!
  • Invite any number of sellers, anywhere, to sell raffle tickets using their phone or tablet
  • There is no app for sellers to download ... it works on any browser on any smartphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access
  • Sellers can accept cash or card payments, or allow customers to scan a QR Code to serve themselves
  • Customers receive an order confirmation automatically via SMS with a link back to the raffle website where they can buy more tickets
  • Perfect for charity gala events, school fetes, sporting events, or outside markets
  • The end result? Sell more raffle tickets, more easily, in a shorter timeframe
RaffleTix In-Person Sales
RaffleTix Raffle Dashboard

Real-Time Sales Data and Tracking

View sales data and analytics in real time via an extensive dashboard.

  • View and download sales data and comprehensive data analytics in real time for individual raffles or all raffles
  • Track sales by context (in-person or online)
  • Track sales by channel (e.g. social media, email, SMS, etc.) using unique tracking URLs
  • Use the unique tracking URLs in conjunction with the Team Registration function to track sales from participating teams (or school classes, etc.) to create a competitive leaderboard
  • Include your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics (GA) tag
  • View and download transaction data and allocated ticket numbers for reconciliation or import into CRM systems for re-marketing
  • Improves accountability, auditability, and State regulatory reporting compared with paper-based raffles
  • Eliminates the administrative cost of distributing, collecting, and collating raffle tickets


RaffleTix offers a simple, risk-free, pay-as-you-go pricing model based on the amount of funds raised. There are no additional set up fees, or monthly or annual fees.




Platform Fee (% of total sales)

1.75% + $0.30

Payment Processing*

* Payment Processing Fee is levied per transaction by a third-party payment processing service. Raffle organisers have the option of passing the payment processing fee on to the ticket buyer. You will receive funds on a nightly basis (or whatever frequency you desire) when you connect your payment processing account to the RaffleTix platform.

Email support@raffletix.com.au or use the Help button (bottom of screen) to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions, please view our Support Guide.

Our comprehensive Support Guide covers key topics, such as:

  • Pricing
  • Legal and Regulations
  • Privacy and Security
  • Accepting Payments
  • Setting up the Raffle
  • Selling Tickets
  • Promoting the Raffle
  • Drawing the Winners

Alternatively, email support@raffletix.com.au or use the Help button (bottom of screen) to get in touch.

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Love raffles? You'll love the RaffleTix Insiders Weekly Newsletter