Mollie's Ultimate Tropical Escape Raffle

Drawn: Saturday, 23 December 2017 at 7:30 PM

Mollie's Ultimate Tropical Escape Raffle

Raising funds for Help save a life and give yourself a chance to win a tropical escape and other great prizes. There will be a live online draw, so you will be able to watch it from the comfort of your location at the time.

You can win;
1st Prize

  1. 2 nights on Fitzroy Island in an Ocean Suite for 2 adults and 2 kids, with full ferry transfers and full buffet breakfast;
  2. 1 night at Hotel Pullmans Cairns International;
  3. $1500 prepaid visa card.

2nd Prize

  1. A $500 voucher from Devine Intervention Magical Kandles.

3rd Prize

  1. $250 on a prepaid visa card

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1st Prize) UltimateTropical Paradise Experience (RRP: $2,800.00)

Two nights on Fitzroy Island Resort for two adults and two children in the Ocean Suite. Sunsets to dream of. Beaches to brag about. Rainforest mountains to climb. The Great Barrier Reef literally, straight off the beach. Transport from and back to Cairns? Done! What about a feed? Full buffet breakfast? Done. Pullmans agreed you might need a night in Cairns too, so they said Done! The luxury package for two adults. Some cash? Really? Ok ok...AND $1500 on a prepaid visa card...Done!

So by now you know what 1st Prize is, but let's do a little dream building...

You receive the prepaid Visa card loaded with $1500. Spend a bit of time sweet talking the boss for a few days off, then it's time to book some airfares to the tropical rainforest region of Cairns which just so happens to be one of Australia's best holiday destinations. Nice!

What time did you book to land in Cairns?

The Fitzroy Flyer departs at 8am, 11am and 1:30pm from Cairns Wharf.

Morning arrival. Let's book two nights in the Ocean Suite now. Oh not just any Ocean Suite, you can book that one on the fabulous Fitzroy Island. Spend some time with a quiet cuppa while you gaze out over the beautiful waters surrounding the Island looking back towards the stunning views of mountains. Sounds boring? Righto ... what about a few cocktails at the pool bar? Not yet you think? Smashing, a big hike up to the top of The Summit and The Lighthouuse, and then maybe a swim with the turtles along the Great Barrier Reef straight off of Fitzroys coral beach?

Too extreme perhaps? Try the walk to the one of the world's highest voted beaches for beauty, Nudey Beach ... but you must keep your clothes on. It's only called Nudey Beach, it's not actually a nudist beach. Along the way to Nudey's you will pass the turn off to The Secret Garden ... I can't tell you! It's a secret remember. Still too extreme? If none of that does it for you ... pull up a chair at the fantastic little Foy's Bar and Grill. You just HAVE to see a sunset from there ... or just sit on the beach and DO NOTHING. The choice could be yours ...

So, returning now back to Cairns at either 9:30am, 12:15pm or the last ride out is 5pm. Hit the wharf and start looking forward to the luxury package that comes with a free night's accomodation in their Deluxe Room at the beautiful Pullmans Hotel in the heart of the city, and only five minutes walk from where the bitumen meets the wharf. Welcome drinks. Some free mini bar drinks. Now it's time to go hit the town and check out the local night life. Not for you? What about being next door to The Reef Casino for a big fat YES!
And then, sadly, its time to think about the airfare home.

Or go the other way around. An afternoon arrival in Cairns, and stay in your Deluxe Room at Pullmans. Take a swim in their absolute picturesque pool. Perhaps a workout in their Fitness Room. What about a Sauna? No, what about a massage or even a crack at the Jacuzzi? Have a night in Cairns and then two nights out on Fitzroy Island.

It's your dream, not ours. Now is the the time to dream big! While you're dreaming you are also saving a young Australian lady's life with your purchase of some tickets.

2nd Prize) A $500 voucher for Australia's most wanted Kandles (RRP: $500.00)

Divine Intervention Magickal Kandles, by Kylie. Kylie has been a major sponsor of and has yet again offered another amazing prize pack...

How do you describe what $500 worth of the aromas that will make you smile with a calmness you have forgotton existed in today's busy world, and right there in your own home?

The colours will captivate your mind. The patterns that form are as stunning as they are endless. You have to check out the skills this lady has when it comes to her craft.

We here at the Mission, since having experienced these Kandles, cannot even contemplate burning a store bought candle ... and neither will you once you light one of these delightful wonders of the heavenly scents.

$500 worth will get you through some black-outs, don't you think :-)

Kylie. She used to manage banks ... now she makes Kandles!

3rd Prize) $250 Prepaid Visa Card (RRP: $250.00)

What can we say. It's $250 on a prepaid Visa card...

What can two hundred and fifty dollars do for you? Would it make Christmas easier? Would it make Christmas dinner a talking point for years to come perhaps? Maybe, it could be that present for that "someone" who is hard to find a present for? It could be a night out with that special person you recently met? It could be a huge help towards a power bill. Take the family out to the movies .. .the list is endless and limited only by your power to dream a little ... or a lot :-)

No matter what you would do with it, it's not a bad prize for a couple of tickets ...

The Draw

The raffle will be drawn at the time and location listed below.

At a Glance

  • Date

    Saturday, 23 December 2017

  • Time

    7:30 PM

  • Location

    13 Milne Bay Road, Mount Isa, QLD, 4825

Raffle is Closed

The raffle is now closed.

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